I just bought 20 vials, so as a reference for myself and for you, here’s a list of witchcraft herb basics:

  1. Sage †: protection, wealth, fulfill wishes, increase longevity, wisdom, longevity
  2. Clove #:exorcism, clear your head, protection, love, money, increase personal gain, increase…
autoschizis said: i want to know about all the fashion weeks, brands, models and stuff but i dunno where to start, is there anything to look at to help :))


the best way to start learning about fashion is to know where to look. follow some good fashion blogs that post new editorials/runway looks/ad campaigns/ and more. i follow a few and you can check out my blogroll here. 

really good websites that post the latest runway looks are style.com and nowfashion.com. these websites basically just give you a good update on fashion week and they give a big long list of all the brands that are doing shows/lookbooks. 

you should also try to understand the basic language of fashion and what certain things are. for example, understand the differences from editorials and ad campaigns. understand the different types of weeks you get at fashion week. (eg. haute couture week. menswear week. womenswear week and others.) 

when learning brand names, just try to take it as it comes. when you see a brand on your dashboard that you don’t recognise or understand, google some of that brands runway looks and try to make an opinion of it. in fashion there is no right or wrong answer, and it’s your own personal interpretation of it is what matters most. remember do your resarch. you can’t possibly delve into today’s fashion without learning about what happened to fashion in the 90’s…or how madonna used fashion to create a revolution in pop culture in the 80’s. how did kate moss shape the heroin chic period of the 1990’s? doing contextual research will not only broaden your knowledge of the industry, it’s also pretty fun too.

having favourite models is fun and its really great to keep up to date with their latest runway/editorials/campaigns/more. i think everyone’s favourite models just depends on personal taste and people are attracted to models just by chance. when you come to terms with looking at fashion everyday, you will realise that a lot of the models wearing the pieces, will be models you have seen before. try taking a look at the models list on models.com. click here to see the supers. these models are iconic and they’re usually a household name. also here is the top 50 models. basically these are the girls at the top of their games, and you would have most likely seen them around a lot. however if you’re interested in menswear, you can take a look at the top 50 male models here.

it is haute couture week at the moment so here’s a link to the schedule here if you’re interested in keeping up with the shows which are displayed on style.com or nowfashion.com.

honestly fashion is what you make of it. its not something you have to start at because you can start anywhere you like. go and your own pace and try to keep up with the latest trends/runway shows/editorials/ and campaigns. magazines like ‘vogue’ are good magazines because they’ll fill you in on all of the latest news from last month and so on and so forth. i dont know where you live so here’s vogue uk and vogue usa  . I-D Online is a good website because it’s very cultured and it looks into pop-culture, art, music, and how it linked into fashion. new faces are featured frequently there and its a wonderful opportunity to watch some cool videos with your favourite models in them. the articles themselves are a little repetitive but they’re intriguing. 

overall, make your own judgements, work on your craft, and try to open towards anyone elses opinions because they matter too. your opinion matters, so do not be afraid to express it!